My current work relates to what modern scientists refer to as ‘the mind/body problem’ or, that each of us are working, thinking, and conscious human beings, yet can all these uniquely human qualities be explained by the chemistry within our own bodies?

This problem has divided ancient Greek philosophers, right through to the scientists of today. We can currently explain some of the working parts, but not the thinking/emotional, conscious (or what makes us human) element.
Some say we haven’t discovered it yet, others say it is simply impossible and there must be something external at play.

There is currently a huge gap between our uniquely human elements and the science.
This is the gap, or space, I explore in my work.

I started building on the mind body/problem with work that embodies ‘the chemical formulation of Personality.’
From there I moved into a detailed series on ‘Memory’, within which I am currently working.
I see these as fundamental building blocks as I move towards the next stage (of) the ‘Psyche’ or ‘Mind’.
I will end with internal (and the possibility of external) Consciousness, or what scientists refer to as ‘The Hard Question’.

This subject requires substantial research, which I enjoy. All research is debated and verified by Associate Professor Paul Corballis (Auckland University) before it is applied to my work.

My work is not pushing my personal views, simply creating space for thought.

I ultimately see this as a lifelong project working toward interpreting The Hard Question of Consciousness.
Or, on a simpler level, understanding ourselves.

First who we are, then, why we are.


Wallace Arts Trustwww.wallaceartstrust.org.nz

Exhibition of Award Winners and Travelling Finalists:

The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland
2nd September – 9 November 2013

Pataka Museum, Porirua.
29 November – 8 February, 2014

Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville.
25 February – 19 April, 2014

Muriwai Arts (Co Founder)muriwaiarts.co.nz/

Muriwai Community Centre and Surf Club, Muriwai Beach,
West Auckland.
May 2009
April 2013
February 2014

Flagstaff Gallery -http://www.flagstaff.co.nz/
Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland.
November / December 1995

Studio of Contemporary Art (SOCA)
Originally at Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland.
October/November 1994

Tinakori Gallery (now Page Blackie)
Originally at 132 Featherston Street, Wellington.
April/May 1994

Tairawhiti Museum and Arts -tairawhitimuseum.org.nz
Kelvin Rise, Stout Street, Gisborne.

Portfolio Gallery
Originally at 10 Lorne St, Auckland.
August 1993

Artis Galleryartisgallery.co.nz
280 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland.
August 1992

Docklands Fine Art
Originally at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, Wapping, London E1
June / July 1991


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